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Jon Gurston Disabled Hill Climb Competitor

Graham & John,

Thank you for all your help & advice on Friday, the Flatshifter Expert worked perfectly both up & down the gears all day at the hill climb.
We had a very enjoyable day with no problems, apart from the fact I didn’t ride fast enough!
I am very glad that I noticed it when I did on Friday & not at the hill climb the next day & even more glad to get the wonderful help from the both of you at that time of the day & at time of week!

Arm amputee hill climb racing using Expert system

Jon Gurston Down hill climb using Expert system

Attached are some pics of the trike & me & my son who passengers & who has started to ride it as well, with someone else as passenger. It wont be long before he’s faster than me! The handlebars are now the same length both sides & we just swap the clutch lever over from the right hand side for me to the other side for him.

Video Link & letter of MNR bike engined kit car being driven slowly on public roads using a Flatshifter Pro system and faster on a race track.

My Flatshifter is working great and I’m extremely pleased with the performance! Feel free to use the clips at my Youtube channel if you like. There are four clips from the Falkenberg track here in Sweden and also a clip showing the excellent performance of the Flatshifter in everyday use. I must point out that in the clips from the track I’m missing gears every now and then but that’s not because of the Flatshifter. It was caused by a sticking gear lever mechanism and has now been fixed. Fredrik  P. You’ll find the links at:

Disabled motorcycle rider using Expert clutch-less gear-shift system & Dual-Lever (Triumph 955i speed triple)

“Dear Sirs,
My name is Olaf Jones (NABD membership number: 7300) and I have a left arm above elbow amputation.
I have just recently had my 955i Triumph Daytona/Speed triple adapted, to use the FlatShifter Dualever system for one handed operation, in conjunction with a FlatShifter Pro clutch-less gear-shift system.
The bike has been completely transformed!. It is extremely easy to ride using the twin Dual-Lever setup, as there are a number of lever combinations and setup that can be achieved with this system. The ergonomics are excellent, fitting me perfectly.
The Flatshifter Pro system allows me to both up shift and downshift without using the clutch, so that I can simplify my riding inputs by just using the brake, throttle and steering as required.
I cannot begin to explain the enormity of the transformation that these adaptions have made to my motorcycle riding experience. Using the clutch on my bike, other than starting off and coming to a complete stop, is now effectively redundant making my Triumph a semi-automatic motorcycle.
The systems are sensitive and respond instantly to my input, and as an ex-I.O.M. TT racer, I really appreciate the full/part throttle up shift and the clutch-less auto-blip downshift. The brake system has plenty of feel and is more responsive and progressive than the standard Triumph setup, even using the same hoses. Clutch operation is also lighter than the standard Triumph setup
When I took my bike to the workshop to be adapted I was greeted by both Keith and Bob, both gentlemen familiar to me as I’d met them previously when a friend’s bike was being fitted with a Flatshifter push button gear change system, and Graham from Flatshifter who I’d not met before. The three guys had never adapted a Triumph triple with their systems before and it was all “hands on” to get the job done. It was as much a learning experience for the three guys doing the work as it was for me “supervising” their handiwork!.
What was really satisfying to see was the quality of the craftsmanship, not only of the component, but also the standard of workmanship during fitting and fettering. The Triumph proved troublesome in that some parts had to be machined to fit and some parts had to be manufactured from scratch including bracket for the fuel injection system.
The Flatshifter vacuum unit, one of the most critical components in the auto shift system, in particular had to be manufactured from scratch as the standard unit would not fit around the Triumph’s fuel injection system. Graham made a call and the unit was delivered within 48 hours. That’s the way to run a business, no bullshit and no excuses!.
I have nothing but praise and the greatest respect for the guys at Flatshifter for their dedication and professionalism. This was a difficult adaptation for them and they persevered where others may have failed.
I have to recommend them and their excellent systems very highly indeed!.

Olaf Jones

“Dear fellow “Bike Enthusiasts”
My name is John Norton and I am an avid “Bike Enthusiast”, and I have owned a Harley Davidson “Fatboy”, since 1998 and chose this model for the pure reason that I am an amputee and the “Fatboy” had a cradle arrangement for the gears which meant that I could change gears without having to modify the machine. My rationale at that time was that if I kept the machine stock standard I would easily be able to re-sell at a later stage.
Most other enthusiasts would ask why Harley? My answer, partly in gest was that it was my p#nis extension and I could pick up lovely ladies. In truth I have loved the sound of the Harley and the individualism and culture it represents. Being in my late forties, yes I remember the Peter Fonda, “Born to be Wild “movie and this motorcycle epitomized the freedom and individuality that motorcycle riding was about to me.
I have always like “Choppers” and after having had a skin full of “Orange County Choppers”, I decided that I wanted to go to the next level. The problem,” Gear Change”. being an amputee below left knee. I must admit the thought of modifications to a motorcycle called a suicide shift didn’t really appeal to me. What were my options? Well I shopped around asked “South Side Choppers” who had just won the Africa Biker build off what to do. They suggested the “Pingle Easy Shift System”. Me I was all for it and got busy, bought the bike/chopper, a “Big Dog Motorcycle”, and I was off to the races. It was not long before my enthusiasm took a major knock. After four months and after two Easy shift systems that had just fizzed and nearly burnt all my electrics and with little or no help from the gentlemen on the other side of the Atlantic I was in dire straights.
I mentioned my predicament to my sister who fortunately enough for me lives in the UK. Her partner an avid internet surfer looked into my problem and came up with the UK “Flatshifter” system. I looked it up on the internet via the following link and gave the owner Graham a call. It wasn’t long before I had all the parts in hand thanks to DHL i.e. within four days of making the inquiry and pre-requisite payments. In no time at all the “Flatshifter System”, was on the bike and I was again off to the races. Remembering however that the earlier “Pingle Easy Shift System” had equated to a dismal failure, and as an old friend had suggested “……aim low to avoid disappointment”, however I being the eternal optimist, I kept an open mind, and hey, was I surprised the system was easily installed within 2-3hours and works a wonder. I have been riding around for the last 3-4 months and can emphatically recommend the system. The information provided by Graham and his team at “Flatshifter” was clear concise and idiot proof. The parts supplied were all to spec, labeled and easily identifiable, making it a cinch for even a simpleton to install. Thanks to the “Flatshifter System” I am experiencing a different kind of freedom and respect that comes from making a very loud noise with a bike that is just muscle, and ride around effectively on an automatic, which confounds fellow motorcyclists who can’t work out how I manage to fly past them without moving a foot.”

Harley Davidson "fat boy" with Max electric gearshift kit

John Norton- Bike Enthusiast

Dual-Lever feed back

Hi Graham,

“Back in Sept. ’12 I ordered your Flatshifter Max and Dual-Lever for my 2014 Harley Tri Glide.
The parts I ordered from you could not have worked out better, the fitment, ease of installation and overall performance is outstanding.
Thank you for helping my dream of riding again come true, this is why I’m I’m looking forward to selling in the U.S. to help other handicapped riders get back on the open road.
I’m attaching pictures of my Trike with everything installed, the floorboards and shifter brackets I designed and built myself.
Thanks Again for all your help.”
Surdo Custom Trikes
John Losurdo
 Hey graham. Everything is awesome! I have been riding with no problem at all. . Thanks for your help it’s an amazing part!
Thanks again,
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They are a work of art brother….I am impressed….
            Kutter Harley USA

            Kutter Harley USA