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Our Product Range :

Paddle Kit – £449

The use of paddles not only allows gear-shifts to be made far faster and clutch-less while full throttle (see Expert system), it allows the driver to keep both hands on the wheel, and both eyes on the road and provides them with much more time to concentrate on their driving.

Max Kit – £799

The Max system is a fully electronic gear selector system for disabled motorcycle & trike riders. Select the required gear by gently pushing the green button to change up and the red button to change down, not by using the gear-lever, although the gear lever is still available for use if required.

The Max system electric shifter could be best described as an ‘electronic ‘foot’ which is effortlessly operated by two conveniently placed buttons on the handlebars press one button to change up a gear the other to change effortlessly down through the gears, specially designed for a disabled trike or motorcycle riders. (with bike powered cars the buttons or paddles are mounted on the steering wheel)

Dual-Lever £1150

The Dual-Lever dual lever system enables riders with one functioning arm to confidently control two levers in one neat lightweight fully adjustable assembly.

Expert System – £1235

The Flatshifter Expert provides effortless up-shifts and downshifts without using the clutch, creating a virtually clutch-less motorcycle. With extra refinements and sophistication, to give serious riders the fine-tuning and precision required to get the maximum out of their machines. The Expert system has intelligent ignition-cut, with soft restore super smooth shifts when cornering, or in damp conditions. Far less likely to unsettle your machine, and up to four clutch-less downshifts in 1 second.