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Dual-Lever/Twin Lever System

Innovative Product

The Dual-Lever is a fantastic product for physically disabled motorcycle and trike riders.

This invaluable Dual-Lever motorcycle riders aid has been Manufactured in the UK to the very highest standards using the very latest engineering techniques. The Dual-Lever system sets a new benchmark in the world of physically disabled bike riders, allied to the Expert System, (clutch-less up & clutch-less down gear-shift systems) riders with paraplegia or some other disability can now ride a bike, trike or a sidecar outfit with far more confidence and comfort.

This dual lever system can be fitted to either side of the handlebars to operate both the clutch and brake or the front and rear brake with one hand.

The Dual-Lever dual lever system enables riders with one functioning arm to confidently control two levers in one neat lightweight fully adjustable assembly.

  • Top quality product made in England
  • Interchangeable 14.0 & 17.5 mm bore sizes gives complete flexibility & provides the correct feel to the clutch & brake operation unlike inferior products
  • Universal design enables left or right hand mounting
  • Cable and hydraulic operation set up in one assembly
  • Configurable to enable independent control of the front/rear brake or clutch & brake with one hand
  • Built in mirror mounting boss
  • Fully Adjustable Lever Offset
  • Fully adjustable lever ratio on hydraulic assemblies
  • Can be fitted either side of your handlebars
  • Fits handlebars of 7/8” or 1” diameter (most motorcycles)
  • Both systems are completely independent
  • This system is fully adjustable using a unique patented design
  • Single-Cable/Single-Hydraulic or Twin hydraulic/Twin cable set ups
  • Both levers are available in Variable lengths & angles, enabling riders to get the most comfortable set up
  • Both levers operate in the conventional plane, allowing natural application

can be used on the left or right hand side for clutch & brake operation or rear or front brake operation – essential for disabled riders and racers.

Can be easily reconfigured to suit your new motorcycle/trike if you update /change your bike, get the most use & value possible from your investment.

Rider using Dual-Lever to operate both front and rear brakes.

Both levers have a large range of adjustment, which results in an offset of more than 60mm (2 1/4”). We have hydraulic modules available in 14.0mm or 17.5mm bore sizes, so that both front/rear brake or clutch master cylinders can be matched to the brake calliper sizes for your machine for the optimum braking performance. Alternatively, use one lever to operate the clutch, the other lever the brake. A matching clutch lever is also available if required.

What You Get For Your Money

You will receive a Dual-Lever set up exactly to your requirements. Your choice of any of our six different levers, set up with twin hydraulic, cable and hydraulic, or twin cable use. Choice of different master cylinder bore sizes, so that using your clutch or brake lever feels the same as your original set up.

£1150.00 (plus vat & shipping where applicable)

*Note : VAT only applies to UK/ EU Customers


There are some additional install parts needed for the Dual-Lever, consisting of 2 separate reservoirs, hydraulic hoses to connect to the Dual-Lever, ‘banjo’ connections and braided brake hoses from the Dual-Lever to the brakes.