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The Ultimate Clutch-Less Up & Down Gear-Shift System

Enables Up & Down Gear Shifts  without using the clutch

The Expert system is intended for motorcycle & trike riders, including for the more adventurous track days and race use.

The Basic mechanics of a quickshifter system are really very simple, a small device installed in the gear linkage senses pressure on the shift pedal (or gear lever) & the sensor sends a signal to the quickshifter ECU to cut the power to the ignition coils, allowing the engine to be essentially “Turned off” for an instant (about 60 milliseconds) which is faster than you can blink while the next gear slides smoothly into place. The objective in driving/riding applications is that it allows the rider or driver to change gear without operating the clutch lever, saving a lot of effort especially useful for riders with impaired use of their hand or arm.

Full or Part-Throttle clutch-less Up gear-shifts & clutch-less Downshifts

Full use of your original clutch system is not affected in any way, and remains as installed. The use of the clutch is still required to pull away from stationary, slow speed manoeuvring, and selecting neutral.

Jon Warren arm amputee racing his trike, using a Flatshifter system.

Jon Warren arm amputee racing his trike, using a Flatshifter system.
Jon Warren arm amputee racing his trike, using a Flatshifter system.

The Flatshifter Expert is also suitable for just about all makes and models of motorcycle and many road and race vehicles which use a motorcycle engine & gearbox or sequential transmission.

Smooth downshifts are difficult to achieve with a motorcycle gearbox as they do not have synchromesh, Using the patented Flatshifter Expert system, all that is required for smooth downshifts is to roll off the throttle and operate the gear lever.

The Expert system can be connected to the Max electric gear selector system, so then you just need to press a button to change up or down the gears without operating the clutch or gear-lever The Expert system is automatically activated when you press the button to change gear.

The Flatshifter Expert provides effortless up-shifts and downshifts without using the clutch, creating a virtually clutch-less motorcycle. With extra refinements and sophistication, to give serious riders the fine-tuning and precision required to get the maximum out of their machines. The Expert system has intelligent ignition-cut, with soft restore super smooth shifts when cornering, or in damp conditions. Far less likely to unsettle your machine, and up to four clutch-less downshifts in 1 second.

Full use of the original clutch system is not affected in any way.

Some riders claim quick-shifters are unnecessary unless you’re on a race circuit, but we disagree. ‘Quick-shifters’ are very useful on twisty roads, where a rider is very busy, or disabled in some way, or where absolute focus is required.  Why not try a quick-shifter? Because, once you try it, there’ll be no going back.

Flatshifter Expert – only £1235 GBP + VAT  (VAT applies to EU countries only)


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