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Flatshifter Max (electronic motorcycle gear selector kit)

Electric gear selector kit, Effortless reliable gear changes at the touch of a button

The Max System is a fully electronic, gear selector system for disabled motorcycle & trike riders. You select the required gear by gently pushing the green button to change up, the red button to change down not by using the gear-lever, although the gear lever is still available for use if required.

The Max system electric shifter could be best described as an ‘electronic foot’ which is effortlessly operated by two conveniently placed buttons on the handlebars. Just press one button to change up a gear, the other to change down through the gears. Especially designed for disabled trike or motorcycle riders. (with bike powered cars the buttons or paddles are mounted on the steering wheel)

The electronic motorcycle gear selector system is powered by your motorcycle’s electrical system. a powerful electric solenoid totally removes the need for gear changes using your foot.

Once fitted to your motorcycle or trike it is virtually maintenance-free, unlike air shifters you have no bulky gas bottles to refill or inconveniently run out and are considerably cheaper to purchase and maintain (no servicing required in normal use).

Harley Davidson "fat boy" with Max electric gearshift kit

Once you have installed your Max electric motorcycle selector kit, you will still be able to change gears manually, if required. Nothing has been removed/modified in any way, giving you total versatility and confidence. In the extremely unlikely event of a problem you will not be stranded unlike other inferior products beware there are some very inferior copies of this system available, one offering only 30 days warranty. There is 12 month warranty with our system and it is cheaper to purchase.

To protect your investment and cut potential costs, the electronic gear shifter system is not model-specific, and can normally be removed and refitted onto your next machine. This enables you to carry on enjoying the pleasure of motorcycling, without having to purchase a completely new system.

Complete universal electronic gear shift kit (Max Kit)

This electronic shifter is dual acting, for fast reliable gear-shifting, both up & down through the gears and enables fast and consistent gear selection- normally 40 – 50 milliseconds per gear shift on Japanese gearboxes. But is powerful enough to work on almost any sequential gearbox, from motorbikes to rally & race cars using Hewland, Quaife, Elite & Sadev type sequential transmissions. 


  • Pressure-sensitive buttons enable a half gear-shift to aid neutral selection.
  • Servicing IS NOT required & comes with a 12-month guarantee.
  • Can be integrated with our clutch-less up & down gear shift kits (Flatshifter Expert)
  • Far less tiring to ride in traffic and over long distances.
  • Compact design reliable design (in use for over 22 years)
  • No bulky air bottles or recharging are required.
  • No limit to the number of gear shifts (unlike air bottles).
  • Simulates a rider’s normal gear-shift
  • Potted water/vibration-proof ECU
  • Gear-change buttons are conveniently handlebar-mounted
  • Remove & refit to your next machine the electric gear shift kit is not model specific
  • For all sequential transmissions including motorcycles & all bike-engine vehicles


This electronic gear selector system is suitable for disabled or elderly motorcycle & trike riders which would incorporate virtually all kinds of riding whether you are looking for a fast change for racing or track days, or comfort and convenience when cruising.  You may have a disability preventing you from changing gear with your hand or foot -no problem, the Flatshifter Max is the ideal gear selector system for every rider.

Don’t worry, the Max kit has been designed as a universal kit to fit virtually all makes and models of motorcycles. So if, at a later date  you decide to change your motorcycle, you can remove/refit the motorcycle shifter system to your new machine, getting the best value from your investment.

The last 20 years or so have seen an enormous increase in fitting motorcycle engines into a large range of vehicles including race cars and road cars.  The Flatshifter Max system is also extremely popular for these applications. Tried and tested in a motorsport environment giving you a race car driving experience, using either a set of buttons mounted on the steering wheel or optional paddles for a truly slick quick gear change.

When the Max system is combined with the Flatshifter Expert clutch-less up & down gear-shift system this combination will provide you with a smooth, clutch-less motorcycle gear selection system, just press a button to change gears without needing to operate the clutch both up and down through the gears. Disabled motorcycle riders will enjoy a noticeable increase in riding or driving confidence and a marked decrease in fatigue and tiredness.

The Flatshifter Max system works on any motorcycle type engine ranging from 90cc right up to 2400 cc. This universal system works on bike-engined cars, ATV`s basically anything fitted with a motorcycle engine of any age or make and is used also for many non-motorcycle-engined racing applications using a sequential transmission. It is designed and manufactured in the UK using the best materials available.

*SPECIAL NOTICE  The Flatshifter Max system is a universal system and is not model specific. It will sometimes be necessary to fabricate a simple mounting bracket for the actuator unless there is a suitable surface for the actuator to be bolted to.

Independent Road Test From “Motorcycle news” Weekly Paper

Time tested: 1500 miles/8 weeks

What’s good?  Simply, I was able to ride a bike after a long time off.  In March 2009 I crashed while racing at Brands Hatch and suffered several injuries, one of which left me unable to move my left foot. For some time I thought I would never be able to ride a bike again and with bikes having been a large part of my life for 35 years that really wasn’t something I wanted to consider.

After looking at the various options I chose to fit an electric gear changer to my Ducati Monster 695. It is basically an electrical actuator that’s mounted to the frame with a purpose-built bracket and connects to the gear lever. When I press buttons on the handlebar the actuator moves the gear lever either up or down to change gears.

After a brief tutorial, and with much apprehension, I set off for a quick lap of an industrial estate. It was simple to use and after my initial nerves had settled I was soon beaming… I was back on a bike, after four years.

My first trip was to ride back home from the workshop, a distance of some 70 miles. I had a couple of stops en-route and was shattered when I got home because I’d concentrated so hard. The device works smoothly and allows clutch-less changes up through the gears. I was also pleased to find that when I informed my insurance company of the modification it didn’t affect my premium.
Since starting riding again I’ve taken advantage of the good weather and have just come back from a 500-mile round trip to North Wales and am already planning a jaunt to Europe next year. It’s great to be back.

Quality Rating: 5/5

Value Rating: 5/5

What’s Not To Like?  There’s nothing negative about it.

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