Motorcycle Disability adaptions For Disabled Motorcycle / trike Riders.

Disabled Motorcycle Riders

Where a disability need not be a handicap!

The largest range of Motorcycle Riders Aids & Adaptations.

Products for disabled motorcycle riders / handicapped bikers & trikers.

Disabled Motorcycle Riders Handicapped Riders Aids and Adaptations is a website created for bikers & trike riders with a range of  disabilities & handicaps you can virtually have a  clutchless motorcycle, we manufacture some unique aids & adaptations some unique to us & not available elsewhere, we want to share our passion for riding motorcycles & trikes and to help disabled motorcycle riders continue that enthusiasm, maybe for the first time or to help get you back on 2 or 3 wheel motorcycle & regain your independence.

We design and manufacture all of the products available on this site in the uk  they are not cheap relabeled imports manufactured in the far east we have many useful & unique adaptions designed  for injured, disabled  & amputee, motorcyclists & trikers.

Whether you are  a disabled rider or potential rider disabled because of an accident, birth defect, illness, or other cause, the key to safe enjoyable motor cycle riding with a disabilitie is researching and locating quality products suitable for purpose,  Unfortunately, there is no such thing  as a one-size-suits-all solution for bikers with a disability, so if you would like to call or email us to discuss all possible product options that may or may not be of assistance to you without the pressure of someone trying to talk you into some thing you do not need then please contact us (01206 322557).

For leg amputations We have an extremely effective reliable button operated electric shifter system just press the green button to change up through the gears  press the red button to shift down, alternatively the Dualever can be set up to operate the clutch & front or rear brake or both brakes .
For arm amputations – Again our Dualever can be mounted on the left or right hand side of the handlebars, set up to operate the clutch and a brake or front & rear brakes. We also offer a unique system that enables you to change up and down the gears once on the move without using the clutch (see Club ,Pro, & Expert systems). Very useful motorcycle adaptation for disabled motorcycle & trike riders.

We are very happy to offer any help or advice we can,  please contact us even if you  have no intention of purchasing any products from us that is not an issue, Flatshifter started out successfully producing top quality race winning quick-shifters / performance and ride-ability riders aids for motorcycle engined cars & motor sport teams, kit car manufacturers, motorcycle riders & racers for many years, and we were frequently being asked if our products would or could be adapted for Disabled Motorcycle Riders, Trike, & Kit Car owners at affordable price`s,  so we have developed & modified our products were necessary to suit.

Being a disabled motorcycle rider need not be a handicap.

Motor sport demands top quality reliable cost effective products, These requirements are even more essential for handicapped riders & drivers or who are physically impaired in some way.

All of our products include a full 12 months parts & labour warranty for your peace of mind.

We also supply electric gear shifter/selector systems using handlebar mounted buttons, 3 different clutch-less up shift and clutch-less down gearshift systems (only available from us). The “Dualever” twin clutch / brake lever,  and now a world 1st auto-clutch system this is not a centrifugal clutch that only works on low power motorcycles, fancy riding say a 300 bhp turbo Hayabusa no problem with our new auto-clutch system as our system actually operates the standard unmodified clutch fitted to your bike, see the separate Auto – clutch page for more information.

Price Guarantee. If you see the same or  similar quality new product cheaper than us, let us know, and we will endeavor to provide you with an unbeatable price.

    Brief Riders Aids & Motorcycle Adaptations Products

Flatshifter Club  Clutch-less Up gear shifts Only, works on its own or with the Flatshifter Max gear selector system.

Handicapped Riders Aid – Flatshifter Pro Clutch-less up and down gear shifts, works on its own or with the Flatshifter Max system.

Flatshifter Expert performance rider Quickshifter.  Clutch-less up and down gear shifts with soft power restore & faster down shifts, works on its own or with the Flatshifter Max system intended for faster riders, track days and motor sport use. But it is also very useful kit for handicapped and disabled motorcycle riders.

Motorcycle Adaptations – Flatshifter Max 

Disabled Motorcycle Riders UKElectro-mechanical gear actuator system. Simple Push button control or paddle control of gear changes for motorcycles, Trikes, & bike engined cars. Who wouldn’t like a button to control everything.

Motorcycle Adaptations-Dualever Motorcycle or trike twin clutch/brake lever & master cylinders. Left or right handle bar mounting.

Riders Aid – Auto-Clutch  Auto-Clutch Control System allows an original equipment manual clutch to be controlled automatically by using the motorcycles  throttle only. Best motorcycle adaptation and riders aid for handicapped bikers, trikers or disabled motorcycle riders.

We ship to all countries on a regular basis including the USA, Australia, Canada, NZ, all of Europe, Guernsey, Malta Japan, Korea etc etc